A case solving the problem when the device is shown as ‘H3C unknown product’ device model after device is managed by ADCampus DR2000

2020-03-25 Published

Network Topology


Problem Description

After a network device is managed by ADCampus director ,the specific model of the device is displayed normally, but sometimes it is displayed as "H3C Unknown Product", as shown in the figure below.

Process analysis

The reason is that the device is updated quickly. The ADCampus director may not integrate the device model information of some new devices, so it will be displayed as Unknown Product.


If the current ADCampus director released version does not integrate the device model of this product, you can manually add the device type to solve the problem. The specific configuration method is as follows:

The configuration path:system management--system parameters--device definition.

Because the product is H3C WX3820H, the system has a device manufacturer H3C by default. If it is a product of another manufacturer, if the device manufacturer is not defined in the system, you need to manually set the device manufacturer, skip it here.

1. add device series(if the device series exist in device model,it need not add device series)

2.add device model

Input the model name and sysoid which is displayed in device detail.

Check that the device has the correct device model after successful setup