Technical announcement on H3C UniServer rack server CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P network card which is unable to LINK UP under partial version VMware ESxi system

2020-05-21 Published

Problem Description

[Product Model]

The H3C UniServer rack server with a CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P network card.


[Version involved]

CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P Firmware Version:1.00.1(Displayed under HDM and system as1.2074.0).

Operating System Version: VMwareESXi6.0U3, VMwareESXi6.5/65 U1/6.5U2.

The following is the firmware version information for the 560T-B2 network card shown in HDM:

[Problem Description]

CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P network card cannot LINK UP during the use of VMware ESXi6.0 U3, VMware ESXi6.5/ 6.5 U1/6.5 U2 systems.

Console F2 network configuration items are shown below:


Cause Analysis

[Cause Analysis]

The FLASH module in the firmware of CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P network card version 1.00.1 (HDM and system display 1.2074.0) has a matching problem with VMware ESXi 6.0 U3, VMware ESXi6.5/6.5 U1/6.5 U2, which causes the network card to fail LINK UP during system use.


Circumvention measures/solutions


Upgrade the firmware of the CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P network card to version 2.00.0 on the official website.

Firmware download method:

Visit the three official home pages of Xinhua: > Product Support and Services > Documentation and Software > Software Download > Server > Server Options Board > Network Card > CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P > Firmware


Methods and precautions for firmware upgrade:

Detailed upgrade process and precautions for Windows, Linux system and UEFI shell can be found in "Firmware Upgrade Method for CNA-560T-B2-10Gb-2P Network Card". After the upgrade is completed, the firmware version of the Network Card can be viewed on the HDM page, [Information] - [Hardware Information] - [Network Card], and the firmware version is: 1.2527.0.