Announcement on the problem that the NAT function is ineffective after deleting and reconfiguration on the sub-interfaces of SR6600 series routers

2020-12-17 Published

Problem Description

Product Model】  

SR6000 series, using RPE-X5, RPE-X5E master

Involved version】  

All versions

Problem Description

After configuring the NAT service on the subinterface of the above device, use the "undo interface" command to delete the entire subinterface, and reconfigure this subinterface and NAT service again, the NAT function on this subinterface will not take effect. 

Cause Analysis

Cause Analysis】 

When the device deletes a sub-interface, if the sub-interface is configured with NAT services, the NAT module also needs to delete the corresponding kernel state information. However, when the RPE-X5 and RPE-X5E master control sends a delete message to the business line card, the byte order conversion cannot be processed correctly, causing a failure of the deletion of the kernel state information corresponding to the NAT module on the business line card, resulting in the NAT function is invalid when reconfigurated the sub-interface and NAT function. 

Circumvention measures/solutions


1. Delete the NAT-related configuration under the abnormal interface again and reissue it, or restart the relevant business board to avoid it 

2. Upgrade to R7809P13 version and load R7809P13H03 patch to solve.