Announcement on abnormal restart of H3C S5560-EI&S5560-EI-D&S5130-HI series switch products

2021-03-12 Published

Problem Description

Announcement category

Mandatory rectification

Operational requirements

Patch upgrade, version upgrade

Product Model

H3C S5560-EI series

H3C S5560-EI-D series

H3C S5130-HI series

Involved Version


Problem Description

When the above-mentioned device loads the above-mentioned software version, there is a small probability that the device restarts abnormally during operation, and the reason for the restart cannot be recorded correctly. Devices with POE function have a higher probability of triggering this problem.

Cause Analysis

Cause Analysis

The above-mentioned software version bus access mechanism is ill-considered, which may cause abnormal data processing in the device"s CPU.

Circumvention measures/solutions


1. For R3506P10 version, please deploy the R3506P10H01 patch as soon as possible.

2. It is recommended to upgrade to R3506P12 (expected to be released before April 30, 2021) and later versions.