Announcement on H3C S6520X-HI/EI/SI&S6520-SI&S5560X-HI/EI&S5500V2-EI&ES5500-EI series switch product does not take effect when the flooding disable function is configured

2021-03-12 Published

Problem Description

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Operational requirements

Learning prevention

Product Model

H3C S6520X-HI/EI/SI series switches

H3C S6520-SI Series Switch

H3C S5560X-HI/EI series switches

H3C S5500V2-EI series switches

H3C ES5500-EI series switches

Involved Version

Versions from R6316P01 (inclusive) to R6323 (inclusive)

Problem Description

When the above device loads the above version, after the flooding disable all command is configured, the IPV6 unknown multicast packets cannot be suppressed, causing the related packets to still be broadcast and flooded.

Cause Analysis

Cause Analysis

Due to chip implementation limitations in the above software version, after the flooding disable all function is configured, the software cannot correctly identify IPV6 unknown multicast packets.

Circumvention measures/solutions


It is recommended to upgrade to R6326 and later versions.