Announcement on the problem of unable to carry VLAN tag on user side when using VPLS feature in IRF scenario of H3C S6520X-HI/EI/SI&S6520-SI& S5560X-HI/EI&S5500V2-EI&ES5500-EI&S5000-EI&MS4600&MS4520V2 Series switch products

2021-03-12 Published

Problem Description

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Product Model

H3C S6520X-HI/EI/SI Series Switch

H3C S6520-SI Series Switch

H3C S5560X-HI/EI Series Switch

H3C S5500V2-EI Series Switch

H3C ES5500-EI Series Switch

H3C S5000-EI Series Switch

H3C MS4600 Series Switch

H3C MS4520V2 Series Switch

Involved Version

All versions

Problem Description

When the above series of products use the VPLS feature in a IRF scenario, if the AC interface is in VLAN access mode, the PW side encapsulation mode is VLAN mode, and the AC interface and the PW tunnel exit are located in different slots, the user VLAN received from the AC port side The label cannot be carried to the remote end through the PW tunnel.

Cause Analysis

Cause Analysis

In the above business scenario, due to chip specifications, VPLS packets forwarded across boards cannot carry user VLAN tags.

Circumvention measures/solutions


1. The VPLS features of the above devices are recommended to be used in a stand-alone scenario.

2. When the above devices use the VPLS feature in a stacking scenario, please configure the VLAN decoupling of the PE devices at both ends of the VPLS network or plan that the AC and PW tunnel interfaces are in the same slot.