Experience case of wireless controller portal https redirection

2021-03-14 Published

Network Topology


Problem Description

HTTPS websites are becoming more and more popular, and some customers report that https cannot be successfully redirected under portal networking After put through a DNS address, phone, laptop terminal, the browser enter the IP address, http redirect the normal domain name, enter the HTTPS domain name, such as Baidu (, etc. can not trigger portal redirects.

Process Analysis



(1) V5: (R2509P52 and later versions start to support)

 Configure ssl server-policy first 

 ssl server-policy xxx 

 Just associate it with portal https-redirect 

 portal https-redirect server-policy xxx 

 The content of the ssl server-policy can be empty, and V5 comes with a self-signed certificate. However, there will be a warning that there is a problem with the security certificate, just click "Continue to browse";

(2)V7 version AC:

By default, it can be used without configuration. The built-in ssl policy used by AC. Self-signed certificate will also cause the same certificate security warning prompt as V5, just click to continue browsing;

If the customer dislikes the security certificate alarm in the browser, configure the following SSL policy with a fixed name and import the certificate provided by the customer.

The portal module automatically references https_redirect.

ssl server-policy https_redirect --- Note that this is a fixed name

However, for local forwarding, it depends on the AP model. The details are as follows: 

The AP with 128M memory does not support https redirection when local forwarding.

APs with 256M memory and above support https redirection when local forwarding.

Note: https redirection due to terminal problems, there may be a problem that the redirection has been completed, but the browser fails to display.

Regardless of V5 or V7, https redirection will display a certificate security alert in the browser without importing the license applied by the specialized agency.