UIS heterogeneous migration 'the error code from slave process: a000026'

2021-05-30 Published

Network Topology


Problem Description

After the customer configured the migration task, the migration Web interface reported that the error code from slave process: a000026.Migration task stopped.

Process analysis

1.After installing the heterogeneous migration client, there should be 'cdpdisk.sys' and 'CDPTuner.sys' drivers in the directory(C:\WINDOWS\system32\driver). 

2.Query that there are no these two drivers in the environment,

3.The customer's security and backup software may have blocked both drivers.


1.In the directory(C:\Program Files\DSagent) to find the corresponding source side system driver installation procedures, manually install.

2.Query if there are these two drivers in the environment,

3.After the installation, restart the source device, delete the migration task, reconfigure the migration task, and the migration task runs successfully