How to clean the vlan id of the vswitch from backend of CAS?

2021-06-29 Published

Problem Description

It is recommended to operate the modificaton of CAS vswitch in the web configuration page. However sometimes due to the misoperation, a worng vlan configuration cause a disconnnection between the CVM and CVK, CVM can not take control the CVK. In this situation, it can only be operated in the backend. The CVK that has joined the cluster can not modify the configuration dirtectly on the xconsole interface, and have to operate by command line in backend.

So how does CAS clear the vlan id of switch in the banckend?


first excute the command ovs_dbg_listports or ovs-vsctl show to find the port name of the vswitch which need to clear the valn.

For example vlan 17 of vnet0 need to be cleared.

Excute ovs-vsctl clear port vnet0 tag (vnet0 can be replaced by the port you need to modify). After that check the info again, the vlan corresponding to vnet0 has been cleared.