S5120V2-52P-LI High memory utilisation

2021-06-30 Published

Network Topology


Problem Description

It have been noticed that memory usage is 64% which seems higher.

  ===============display memory=============== 

Memory statistics are measured in KB:

Slot 1:

                   Total        Used        Free        Shared   Buffers    Cached   FreeRatio

Mem:        506408    326768    179640         0         1376       122392       35.6%

-/+ Buffers/Cache:    203000    303408

Swap:            0         0         0

Process analysis

The cached memory utilisation is around 24% which is relatively high.

Cached memory is a mechanism used by Linux to speed up file read and write speed. It cannot be disabled and it would be automatically reclaimed by the system before memory thresholds are triggered. Recycled memory would be what no one is using and what is in use will not be released and will not affect other services.



If the memory utilisation don’t keep increasing, please don’t worry about it.